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Best of

Best of

Chris and I launched back in 2009, and since that time have posted many WordPress tips, tricks, and techniques (well over 300 posts!).

So as 2013 fast approaches, it’s a great time to look back at the best of DigWP for each year, 2009 through 2012 — 4 years and counting!

Update! To view our most popular posts, check out the Popular Posts in the sidebar.

Top 10 of 2012

  1. Plugins & Tools for WordPress Developers
  2. Adoption Program for Abandoned Plugins
  3. Customizing WordPress Feeds
  4. All-AJAX Theme Update
  5. How to Setup Secure Media Uploads
  6. Add Shortcut Links to the Toolbar
  7. Displaying Code on a WordPress Site
  8. 5+ Ways to Add Google Analytics to WordPress
  9. Limit WordPress Post Navigation to Same Author and Category
  10. Attach Unattached Media Files

Top 10 of 2011

  1. 4 Ways to Loop with WordPress
  2. Admin Bar Tricks
  3. So really, don’t use just /%postname%/ as your permalink structure.
  4. Simpler Login URL
  5. 6 .htaccess Tricks for Better WordPress SEO & Security
  6. 15 Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress
  7. Using ‘$’ instead of ‘jQuery’ in WordPress
  8. HTML Formatting for Custom Menus
  9. Create an Articles-Only Feed
  10. What We Learned Publishing Digging Into WordPress

Top 10 of 2010

  1. BLANK WordPress Theme
  2. Custom Login/Register/Password Code
  3. 6 Ways to Display WordPress Post Content in Multiple Columns
  4. WordPress functions.php Template with 15 Essential Custom Functions
  5. WordPress Default CSS Styles
  6. Pimp your wp-config.php
  7. Customize Your WordPress Dashboard
  8. Using Menus in WordPress 3.0
  9. Optimizing WordPress Permalinks
  10. Call a Widget with a Shortcode

Top 10 of 2009

  1. Including jQuery in WordPress (The Right Way)
  2. Free HTML 5 WordPress Theme
  3. Definitive Guide to WordPress Page Navigation
  4. WordPress Configuration Tricks
  5. Awesome Image-Attachment Recipes for WordPress
  6. 3 Ways to Monitor PHP Errors
  7. Delicious Recipes for WordPress Page Menus and Page Listings
  8. Easy Shortcode Permalinks
  9. How to Develop WordPress Themes Behind the Scenes
  10. Making an Expanding Code Box

Happy New Year!

Huge THANK YOU to all of our readers for helping to make the DigWP blog such a success. Best wishes for the New Year — Here’s to 2013 and beyond!! :)

6 responses

  1. Hi Guys. Thanks for an informative website about WP. I have a bone to pick. Some of us don’t see so well and gray text on a gray background is mostly impossible for us to read. Unfortunately, I see it as a web-wide trend and that is disturbing. Accessibility is still important, more so than ever. Please kick the habit. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the feedback Dave. Indeed, the current design is nearly three years old, and is overdue for a changing. This is the first time anyone has complained about poor accessibility, but we’ll certainly keep it mind for the next redesign.

      Until then, there’s no reason to suffer with “disturbing” web-wide trends. There are myriad free tools for customizing your online experience, including bookmarklets, readers, browser settings, apps, and much more. Such tools give you more control, enabling you to personalize your online experience while decreasing your dependency on the nasty habits of web designers.

  2. Hi Jeff

    I am looking at buying Digging for WordPress but i am a beginner and ideally would like to learn how to customize your pages from a blank theme. Do you need to understand PHP to use this book or is this taught to you and explained as you go through the chapters of the book. Or are you likely to find the book confusing unless you know the PHP language. I know HTML & CSS but i so badly want to design my own site and not a template. What route would you recommend me do first and is the book available in the UK. Would you still be able to get the $15 discount living in England and have the latest 3.4 version. Could you give me a link please should you think the book would cover my needs as a beginner.

    Happy New Year

    • Gonna reply via email to this one, thanks Ian :)

      Note to anyone else needing help with the book, their account, or anything not related to this post, please send us an email and we’ll get back to you asap. Thanks!

  3. I would like to congratulate both of you guys. Thank you for your great work and help for others.

  4. Bookmarked this page :) All posts seems like informative, Thanks for collection.

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