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v3.3 Printed Books are Here!

v3.3 Printed Books are Here!

Good news! The new version-3.3 printed books are now available. The new books are better than ever, updated for WordPress 3.3 with new content, refreshed graphics, and new features galore. Each book is printed in full-color, with new extra-thick covers and slick spiral binding for laying it flat while reading. These features make the print edition feel really solid and durable, like you know you’re reading a well-crafted, quality book. Here’s a recent photo of the printed version showing how the chapters are color-coded and easy to recognize:

Digging Into WordPress Print EditionDigging Into WordPress v3.3 – Print Edition

Design-wise, Digging into WordPress is a beautiful book: every page is printed with stunning digital-color precision on gloss-finish paper, with each of its 12 chapters color-coded to provide quick and easy navigation. With its large, clear typography, each page is a pleasure to read. For the full scoop on the printed books, visit the book page.

Now Available / Limited Stock

Prices are going up all over, but we’re keeping the price of the printed books at $75 + shipping/handling (around $10 within the US). This includes tracking, insurance, and delivery confirmation. As with previous editions, we have a limited number of books and they tend to go quickly, so grab it now if you want one of your own.

What you get..

With each printed-book purchase you get:

  • FREE copy of the latest PDF/e-book (current to WP 3.3)
  • ALL DiW exclusive WordPress themes
  • FREE lifetime updates of the PDF/e-book + all themes
  • AND of course your own copy of the printed book ;)

After purchase, you get access to the DiW Members Area, where you can download current versions of everything at your convenience. There you may also grab free copies of the Deluxe Widescreen Edition and new lite version (perfect for mobile devices), plus other goodies when available. Keep an eye on the site for news, updates, and more.

Get the book!

Questions? Comments?

We’re at your service — just send us an email and we’ll try to help asap. Thanks!

15 responses

  1. Just purchased and very excited to get the book! Thanks!

  2. Just purchased last night actually! Glad it will be hot of the press!

  3. Ordered – can’t wait!!! I’m going to sleep with it under my pillow!

    wooo wooo!!



  4. Sounds great. Will you guys ship it to Sweden? If so, how long is the shipping date?


  5. Purchasing in the morning! I’m so excited! You guys are awesome =)

  6. Piotr Seefeld

    $56 for posting to the UK? Is the box made out of panda? ;)

    Anywhooo, just got myself copy of the PDF!
    Looking forward to the WP weekend!
    Great work guys!

  7. This hard copy is digitally printed and is still $75?

    I just had 100 copies of a Full Color Full Bleed book with 258 pages printed for $38 per copy.

    I would like to have a copy, but this is a little steep for me.

  8. Hi.
    Id like to know if you ship worldwide?

  9. I purchased a copy on March 21st. It has not arrived yet, but was wondering how I could track the status of my order?

  10. Hello,

    I purchased your book two years ago (v3.1.). I would like to upgrade now. But like many other customers I can’t login into your member area. I already wrote to your support email (sales@) twice but received no answer.

    Maybe you can help me with my problem, Jeff?

    I would be really happy about it. Besides this small problem your book is really awesome!

    • We try to reply to every email we receive, but sometimes gmail buries stuff in the spam bin. No problem though, we just sent you an email and hopefully we can go from there.

  11. Susan C. Daniero

    I bought the book & started to read its electronic version a few days ago. I’m the general manager of a small DC WordPress Design firm that specializes in WordPress & WordPress Multisites. My design & development staff is very knowledgeable about WordPress, but I’m still learning. This book is great! I’m learning WP in greater detail & it is written so that I can understand it. We received the book this morning & it’s beautifully done. Thanks for all your efforts.

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