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New System for Updates and Downloads

New System for Updates and Downloads

As part of our ongoing mission to always find new ways to improve our operation, we’ve set up a new system for downloading DigWP book updates.

The new system is much more user-friendly and is designed to simplify things and make the upgrade process easier for everyone.

How it works

  1. Log in @
  2. After logging in, you can visit the Members Area
  3. Download the latest book version plus all extras!

Feel free to log in whenever and update the PDF or any of our exclusive themes. If you run into anything weird during the process, or need a quick reminder of your purchase email address, contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out.

30 responses

  1. good….can’t login ! I received the download link but did NOT have a link to signup…it said that I was already signed up…so I guess I need a new password!

  2. Looks like something is preventing users from using their emails to recover lost passwords. Until this is resolved, try using your auto-generated username, which is your first and last names combined (without any spaces or special characters).

    If that doesn’t work, contact us and we’ll send a new password.

  3. Update: The issue was with carriage-return and newline characters that were created during the import process. They’ve been removed, so everything should be working now. Thanks for your patience as we break in the new system :)

  4. thnx it was very useful for me

  5. Bought the book 12/29/2009, but can’t login with my e-mail address, dunno if I even ever got a login for it.. ? Email address I’m using to comment here is same as my address I used when ordering.. can you contact me please ?

  6. Nicely done. The site looks great.

  7. Reset form just shakes, which I think is a sign that email not recognized?..

    Friend bought me a book back then so it didn’t go through generic sale process, maybe that is the reason. Same email I used for this comment.

  8. Maybe you could list the date the file was updated so we know whether or not we have the most recent file.

  9. Would a changelog be possible? for those of us who like paper. so we can swap out the old and bring in the new? And not print out the whole ting again?

    It’d be vurra kule.

  10. cannot figure out what to do to get any updates, what do I enter for login and password?

  11. sorry anbout the email address, seems that an ‘O’ was added to the end.

    • Hey Al, not seeing anything for that invoice (with or without the “o”), but if you send us the purchase name and/or email, we’ll figure it out.

  12. Please note: If anyone needs help getting into the Downloads area, please contact us with your information. Please do not post your personal account details here in the comments. Thank you :)

  13. Just purchased the book but cannot login to the site. Tried both methods described here.

    Can you advise and thank you.

  14. I bought the book at 7 march 2010, but I never receiving a password. I tried login with my email address but, what should I fill in password field ? any help please

  15. Not getting in either. Bought the book, but your admin area is not letting me in. Tried email and my names shoved together. Neither worked.

  16. I cannot seem to login either.

  17. @ Fajar Sylvana, Desi Matlock, Paul Stokes: you should all receive emails from with info to get in. If you need further assistance, please contact us. Thank you.

  18. Closing the thread to keep things at one spot. If you need help, send us an email with your information and we’ll help you out asap. Thanks :)

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