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H5 Theme Update

H5 Theme Update

Theme update! The H5 Starter Theme is all updated and afresh for your theme-building adventures. The previous version of H5 still works great, but there was a lot of room for improvement, especially with all of the new features and functionality made available in recent versions of WordPress. So now the H5 starter theme is better than ever and as always 100% free download for everyone.

About the update

In a nutshell, H5 is a minimal WP theme built with HTML5. It’s got all the essentials and nothing more. A straight-up starter template for kicking off your next WordPress theme. You can learn more about the H5 Starter Theme or check out the demo. Here are the changes for the new version 1.1:

  • summary: update theme according to changes in HTML5 and WP API
  • restructured directories, moved subdirectories into /lib/
  • localized all text with h5 text domain
  • updated/reformatted style.css
  • updated/reformatted header.php
  • updated/reformatted footer.php
  • updated/reformatted comments.php
  • removed links.php (deprecated)
  • removed hard-coded links from footer and sidebar
  • removed h5.js, replaced with google-hosted HTML5 shim
  • removed clear: none; where not needed in style.css
  • removed display: block; for HTML5 selectors in style.css
  • added readme.txt and changelog
  • added theme support for featured images
  • added theme support for automatic feed links
  • added conditional wp_enqueue_script for comment-reply script
  • added default content width in functions.php
  • added post_class() to post markup
  • added class page-nav to page nav
  • added class h5-search-form to search form
  • added new class selectors to style.css
  • added fresh CSS for comments and comment form
  • added depth parameter to wp_list_pages()
  • added the_post_thumbnail() to single.php
  • added add_theme_support('custom-header')
  • added add_theme_support('custom-background')
  • added /inc/post-details.php, now included in image.php and single.php
  • replaced screenshot.png with full-size version
  • replaced page <header> with <div class="header"> in header.php
  • replaced page <nav> with <div class="nav"> in header.php
  • replaced some post-wrap <section> with <div class="section">
  • replaced sidebar <aside> with <div class="sidebar">
  • replaced page <footer> with <div class="footer"> in footer.php
  • replaced minimal Custom Page template with full Page template
  • replaced all instances of bloginfo('url') with home_url('/')
  • general code clean up, testing, and maintenance

Basically brought everything up to current WordPress API and improved the HTML/CSS to make it all sweet.

Demo and Download

The H5 theme is 100% FREE and open source for everyone. You can check it out and download a copy from the DigWP Theme Clubhouse (select “H5” from the dropdown/select menu).

Get H5 Theme »

Happy theme building! :)

4 responses

  1. Out of curiosity, why replace the NAV, SECTION, ASIDE, FOOTER and HEADER tags? Is there a reason to not use them?

    • They were only replaced on the outer containers for their respective sections; the same elements remain in other parts of the theme. For the containers they were replaced with more specific selectors (classes) for more controlled targeting. Changes made based on feedback from users.

  2. How to download this theme

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