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Deluxe Widescreen Edition

Deluxe Widescreen Edition

We cooked up a special widescreen edition of the PDF for Digging Into WordPress 3.1. This new edition contains exactly the same content as the original, but instead breaking the spreads into single-page format, the widescreen version retains the same “two-up” layout, so it’s just like you’re reading the actual printed book. The pages are pretty wide, so probably best for readers with larger screens :)

Go big..

Here are a couple of screenshots from the widescreen edition:

DigWP Widescreen Edition

DigWP Widescreen Edition

The new widescreen PDF is available as a free download for everyone who owns the book (either PDF or Print Edition). To get your copy, log into your account at our new Members Area and download at your convenience.

11 responses

  1. Let me be the first to thank you for that gift :) Really nice to be able to use all of my screen like that.

  2. Denver Photography

    totally great idea… working with all the horizontal space that i have is perfect.

  3. AndresHermosilla

    Awesome! You guys rock! Makes on screen reading way better.

  4. This is perfect. Thanks for the awesome gift.

  5. Jeff, I hope you always keep the other version around as well. It fits beautifully on an iPad which is how I like most to read it.

  6. Elliott Richmond

    That’s wicked! Perhaps you could offer both versions, for me the new format will suffice but I can appreciate that some might prefer the old format, just a bit more manual labour for you guys to create both I guess! BTW DiW is AWESOME I use is all the time!
    Thx for such a great gift!

  7. Just to clarify, the widescreen PDF is just a bonus – both versions are available for download in the Members Area :)

  8. I can’t reset password using the email address I used when I purchased the PDF. Please advise.

  9. DanielDjorgimajkoski

    Great idea – Thanks a lot!

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