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Book Update: Version 3.7

Book Update: Version 3.7

Digging Into WordPress update! Version 3.7 of the book is updated for WordPress 3.6 and 3.7 (beta). As with the previous 10 updates, everyone who owns the book gets the new version for FREE.

As promised, the new version returns the book to its original 9-chapter format, with the bonus and update chapters moved to their own supplemental PDF. This helps to streamline and focus the core book while providing a place to add new material.

Digging Into WordPress - Supplemental Bonus ContentDigging Into WordPress – Supplemental Bonus PDF

As with the main book, the supplemental book is updated thru the latest version of WordPress, and is available for immediate download in the Members Area.

Book features

Here are some of the highlights for the DigWP 3.7 update:

  • Supplemental Bonus Content
  • Now current through WP version 3.6 & 3.7
  • Updated “widescreen” and “lite” PDF/eBook versions

Plus updated styles, fine-tuned layout, and tons of refinements that further improve the book’s overall focus, quality, and accuracy. The book reads, looks, and flows better than ever, giving you a richer, more rewarding learning experience. If you’re gonna learn WordPress, might as well do it in style ;)

For more details, visit the Errata & Changelog page. Current members can log in to the Members Area immediately to update the new version (for FREE).

Check out the demo Get the book!

Book Sale and Giveaway

As announced, we’re having a Book Sale and Giveaway, where you can save $7 on the book and enter to win one of 5 free copies of Digging Into WordPress!

9 responses

  1. Hi! I purchased the Combo Deal 3. How Can I get the update?


  2. Hey – are printed books going to be available at any time in the future? Thanks!

  3. Great news!

    Here is some friendly suggestion. That would be even better if you highlited updated areas with some special sign, for us, who purchased the book earlier, to pay special attention to that areas first. I know that you make some “Update” notes, but they are not so easy to notice at first sight.

    On the whole you are doing a great job, guys. Thank you so much.

  4. I purchased the book a long time ago during the original release. Do I qualify for the update? I also wrote a review of on amazon :)

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