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Pre-Orders for 3.1 Printed Books

Pre-Orders for 3.1 Printed Books

Good news! Digging into WordPress version 3.1 is now at the printers, with a fresh batch of books expected within the next 4-5 weeks. The new 3.1 books should be available for purchase in May, and we’ve opened up pre-orders for those wanting to use the PDF and other goodies while waiting for the printed version.

Visit our book page for more information and to secure your copy of Digging into WordPress 3.1.

12 responses

  1. Justin Givens

    What was the sign up notice for then?

  2. Hi a question. Is the preordering also applicable for International users. Where will I see the shipping related details? Will it be when I check out?

    • Yes, International shipping is available for many locations. During the checkout process you will have an opportunity to check shipping details before purchasing anything. Visit the book page for more information and to initiate the checkout process.

      Any purchase-specific questions may be asked privately via our contact page.

      Thanks :)

  3. I got the last version of the book. I’m finding it extremely helpful.

    Great writing and and great infographics! I’ve purchased and looked at other WordPress resources; your book is the one that pulls it all together.

    Order the book, people! It’s gold.

  4. Bought your book yeasterday, when will I receive it? Thanks.

  5. Hi Jeff,

    I received my book today in India. Thanks a lot for the wonderful book. Wonderfully packaged and exceptional printing. My wife’s hogging it now coz she always wanted to learn WordPress and never found a single book interesting. Well I will get a go at it myself later. The PDF has sufficed for me till now :) Thanks again.

    • Awesome :)

      Thanks for the great feedback! Glad the book arrived safe and sound all the way to India! May it serve you (and your wife) well :)


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