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Version 3.0 Launch!

Version 3.0 Launch!

It’s here! Digging Into WordPress Version 3.0 is here and it’s packed with lots of awesome WordPress goodness, including an entire new chapter on WordPress 3, plus lots of updated core content, and a super-sleek new cover that I think is a huge improvement. You’ve got to check out the book’s sweet dark/black cover, expertly crafted by Chris:

Digging Into WordPress Version 3Digging Into WordPress cover by Chris Coyier

Updated Core Material

Much has changed with WordPress since our previous book update (v2), so for version 3.0 we went through the book and updated/removed outdated core content. Everything is now hot-wired and fine-tuned to the latest version of WordPress, with new popouts and fresh links throughout the book. Here’s a close-up of one the updated pages (a flow-chart for templates):

Screenshot: Digging Into WordPress contentRefreshed content throughout the book

New Chapter on WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 is better than ever. Released on June 17th 2010, WP3.0 features tons of new functionality and CMS capabilities. So much good stuff, that we added an entire chapter covering all the best new WP3.0 features:

  • New default theme
  • Custom Admin usernames
  • How to customize your background
  • How to setup and use WP MultiSite
  • Custom taxonomies, menus, and post types

Plus a whole bunch of other stuff, including how to use the built-in shortlink feature, author templates, comment-form template-tags, and more. It’s 20+ pages of new WP3.0 content.

Screenshot: Digging Into WordPress contentDetail-view of new WordPress 3 content

Included with Purchase

Here’s what you get for $27:

  • Beautiful, full-color, easy-to-read design
  • Nearly 450 pages of practical, how-to WordPress content
  • Exclusive Themes: All Ajax, Lines & Boxes, and Plastique
  • Free Lifetime Updates (current book owners received v3.0 yesterday)
  • Friendly, helpful customer support :)

Like WordPress itself, Digging Into WordPress gets better with each new version. And the nice thing about PDF format is that you can read the book anywhere, even on the iPad. Plus you get useful stuff like actual, clickable hyperlinks and linked Table of Contents. Also the PDF format makes it easy to copy/paste code and other content, so you have everything all in one place.

Get the book!

Printed Copies

We were sort of on the fence about printing more physical copies of the book, but after some great feedback, everything fell into place. Our current goal is to make printed copies of v3.0 available in September/October. The printed books seem to disappear quickly, so if you want a copy stay tuned for the announcement post.

Updated Sample PDF

Here is an updated Sample Chapter showing the new Table of Contents and part of Chapter 3. For more information on Digging Into WordPress, check out the Official DiW Bookstore at, the free companion site for the book, featuring tons of awesome WordPress tips, tricks, and tutorials. So here’s to DiW version 3.0 and no sign of slowing down ;)

Questions about the book?

60 responses

  1. Russell Poulter

    I havent received my update yet. Should it have come through by now?

  2. What date did the update email go out as I didn’t receive it.

  3. Location de voiture

    This sounds like a very nice book.
    Is there any french translation ?
    This would be great !

  4. I’d translate it to French if Jeff and Chris want to have it translated.

  5. Sad to say I’m in the boat of no update email. Very happy to hear the new version is out though, can’t wait to check it out. Also very interested in the new printed edition. Forgive my ignorance here, but was it decided to be a POD setup, or a limited run?

    • Contact us and we’ll send you a new download link – but please check your spam folders first. Thanks.

      For the printed books, we’ve got limited run for the color versions, and we’re looking into POD for all-B&W prints. Stay tuned.

    • If you are like me, you simply missed the link on the confirmation email that put you on the list for updates!

      Go back to the old email and click the link to get the updated download links in the future ;-)

  6. Will you ever produce an epub version?

  7. Is the printed book the same (layout, colors, etc..) as the PDF? If so I’m going to buy it, just for the eye candy :)

    • Yep – exactly the same. It’s all purty :)

      • Just posted “Me buys” but I guess I may have hit a spam filter.

        Just curious (not sure you covered this in the blog?) but what provider are you finally working with, for the printed copies? Wondering how that’s possible while keeping things affordable

        • Hehe, perhaps! Though, if you do need help with a purchase, just drop us a note.

          Chris’ parents printed the first few editions, and they have generously agreed to print up another set for v3.0. Like before, it’s a limited run, but we’re also looking into setting up POD for possibly a more affordable B&W version.

  8. I too have not received an email for the updated version.

  9. +1 on not receiving an update :(

  10. Is there a discount option for people who bought the original version of the book ?

  11. or, since I’m now seeing the replies .. I didn’t get an update mail either..

  12. excellent works for both of you, Jeff & Chris

  13. Hi Jeff,

    Sorry to bother you but I didn’t get my copy either. I am so eager to read the updated content. Thank you.

  14. Also waiting on an update email.

  15. Our #1 cuplrit here is spam. So if you didn’t get an update email PLEASE:

    1) Check through your spam folders for any email with “Digging Into WordPress” in the subject line.

    If you don’t find it…

    2) Email us your original receipt and we’ll make sure you get it.

  16. Alexandre Giesbrecht

    Am I allowed to send my PDF to and order a B&W copy?

  17. Dougal Campbell

    I won my copy from a WP Beginner contest. Do I still qualify for updates? Haven’t seen an update email, and I checked my server logs to be sure it wasn’t caught in my spam filters.

  18. Since the bundle isn’t available now and this limited print run you speak of isn’t coming until “September/October”, are you going to offer a trade-up option for people who buy the PDF now?

  19. Looks great, I’ve waited for a 3.0 version for a long time, great works

  20. I see that the book is now available on Envato Tuts+ marketplace, that’s great, more exposure for the book. Hope you get great sales out of it, got my 3.0 version, now to read it all, looking forward to it.

  21. Tamera Betteridge

    I’m not that much of a reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up as I will bookmark ready for my next read. Cheers

  22. The book sounds great. I’m a web designer who, to date, has never used WP. Do you think this book is the right jumping off point, resource-wise, or would I need to also invest in more beginning-level resources? Thanks.

  23. I absolutely want a copy of this book… but I want a printed version in addition to the PDF. When I click to order, it says the hard copy is sold out. Any plans for a reprint?

  24. These guys, rock! I had not gotten my email either–and I now realize it is PayPal’s fault as they will not let me change an email address that I no longer have (ISP changed it!)–and so even though I did not have an original purchase receipt due to the same issue they promptly, courteously and graciously got me taken care of.

    Thank you!

  25. I think you have done a great work! I am very pleased to have purchased the pdf version of your book.
    Thanks a lot!

  26. I just finished the book in it’s entirety (PDF) and gotta say that it was more than worth the price! The detail you guys get into is absolutely mind boggling and I look forward to practicing what I learned. Thanks!

  27. A great book – thank you!

    The new BLANK theme is already being used this morning and I can see this replacing Starkers for me every time.

  28. Hi, My friend have told me that next version of the printed book is going to be black-and-white, is that true? Can’t wait to purhcase the printed version !!

    • We are printing more full-color versions and plan to make those available this month (or early next). And then meanwhile, we’re working on setting up an all-b&w version thru a POD service such as Blurb. We’ll definitely be posting here at DigWP once we know more.

  29. I got the PDF version of the book just a few days ago and i’m loving every bit of it. I just thought I let you know that i spotted a typo in one of the chapter titles.

    4.4.4. Listing Popular Posts – has an extra dot after the third number 4 .

    No other title I have seen so far has it. Thought maybe you might want to correct it.

  30. I know it might seem obvious, but the obvious is sometimes overlooked. (I’m so embarrassed.)

    You might save yourself some emails if you add to the post that you have to click the link in the confirmation email to receive the update download links :-) Without actually reading the email, I thought that the process was automatic, and with the number of “haven’t got the email” comments, I’m probably not alone.

    • This is totally our fault for not making it clear that the updates are “opt-in” (mostly due to the way e-Junkie is setup). Recently we updated the “Thank you”/download page with explicit instructions for getting on the list.

  31. Have you guys considered making some screencast tutorials that follow the structure of this book?

    Also, thanks for making and keeping up to date such a great book. :)

    • Yes, we’ve discussed this and may do so in the future. Chris already does great screencasts at CSS-Tricks, and I’m in the process of setting up the equipment needed to create some of my own.

  32. just purchased the pdf. good stuff here. i didn’t see the opti-in link in my email to receive future updates, so it looks this has been done automagically now.

    thanks again for this book. i’m about to build my fourth WP site as a freelancer and this will really come in handy.

    • Not automagically yet – we still want to give people the choice of receiving future correspondence. But we are definitely working on improving the system, making it easier for people to opt-in.

      For now, if you don’t see an opt-in/subscribe link in your download email, you’re already on the list and good to go.

      • Now that explain, because i don’t see any subscribe link on my download email too. Kind a worry if i miss the free lifetime subscription to all future updates because i just purchase the pdf today.

        Well, keep up the great work. Can’t wait to digging into WordPress :)


  33. Really looking forward to getting my hands on a print edition! Please post a comment when you restock!

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