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Digging Into WordPress v2.0 + Print is Back! (Oh, and a fresh new design!)

Digging Into WordPress v2.0 + Print is Back! (Oh, and a fresh new design!)

Version 2.0 is here! If you have already purchased the book, you have already gotten an email with a link to download the 2.0 version of the book. If you have been waiting for the print version to come back in stock, the time is now!

We sold out of the print version the first round in a matter of weeks. Right about that time, WordPress 2.9 was coming out, so instead of just reprinting more we decided to update the book and print new copies with that fresh information. That is exactly what we have done. The all-new Chapter 11 of the book deals with new stuff in WordPress 2.9 (and how to use the new features). That chapter will also be the home for future version-specific updates to WordPress.

Read on to find out more about the book. Oh and by the way, we’re sporting a fresh new design here on the site. What do you think?

Book Updates

There is also brand-new Chapter 10 called “Bonus Tricks!” which deals with some cool new tricks for your themes. This chapter is also where we introduce the new themes that now come bundled with the book. That’s right folks, the book now comes bundled with two major new themes, as well as some child themes for those, and a couple of other bonus themes. These themes are book-only, meaning that the only way to get them is through the book bundle, which comes with either book buying option.

The book is some 30+ pages longer, sporting a shinier tougher cover, thicker binding coil, and updated and improved content throughout, the price point is going to remain the same for both the PDF and Print bundle. It’s costing us a good bit more to produce, but we upped the quantity we ordered a bit to cover some of that. Still got the family working hard!

Bundled Themes

The best way to illustrate and explain something is often just to give someone the finished product and let them explore it. There is lots of code in the book, but it’s all removed from the context of a real design. Now you’ll get some real themes along with the book so you can see how that code is used in an actual theme. The themes do a particularly good job illustrating two big topics:

  • Theme Options Panel – Both themes have options panels for setting various theme-specific options. They are built in a “framework” style, so that adding your own or adjusting what options are there is pretty easy.
  • Child Themes – Both themes come with a child theme which restyles the theme without affecting any of how it works. If you’ve always wondered how that works, you can see it with these themes.
DigWP Bundled ThemesDigWP Bundled Themes!


See theme options shine here as there is a ton of options to control your theme. Everything from how it is laid out (columns, positions) to what types of things you wish to include, to adding in markup into individual sections.

Lines & Boxes

Based on the look of a wireframe, Lines & Boxes could be used as-is for a minimalist look, or used as a starting point for a more fleshed out graphical theme. Some theme options including overriding the header of the site, and options on if you want the main navigation to be a category list or a page list.


“All Ajax”, also a bundled theme, is based off Lines & Boxes but is not technically a child theme. The idea is that every internal link on the site loads without page refresh. It’s super slick!

Check out our themes at the DigWP Theme Clubhouse »

Get it

Even with all the new themes and 30+ new pages, the price point for the book and PDF stay the same. $27 for the PDF and $67 + S&H for the Book/PDF Combo. If you buy the print book, remember that automatically comes with the PDF which now comes as a bundle with the themes, so you don’t miss out on that action.

Go get it!

Regarding Shipping

Books are basically being assembled at the time of this writing. It is likely that they’ll be boxed and labeled to ship to you folks a week from today. So if you order today, just note that you’ll probably get them in about 10-12 days. Later orders will arrive in typically more like 4-5 days. International orders obviously are gonna take more time.

26 responses

  1. Bert de Vries

    Many thanks for the book (PDF).
    Site is looking great!

  2. Hi Chris & Jeff,

    This book is extreme fun to read & use. Thanks a lot for you efforts !
    However, I have one question: is it normal I haven’t received a mail for the new pdf yet? I bought the very first version way back in november, but ever since that day I haven’t received any updates.


    oh, btw: nice new design for the site :)

  3. Yay! Thanks!

    I just got Smashing’s new WordPress book and so far find it far less helpful, usable, and downright fun than Digging.

    Can’t wait for WP 3.0 and the corresponding Digging!

  4. Oh, and I like the new design. I also liked aspects of the old theme — any possib. of releasing it as a mother theme for us to fiddle around with?

    • Probably not just since so much of it was so specific to Digging Into WordPress. I don’t think there would be much value to it outside of that context.

  5. I bought the PDF previously and I have yet to receive an email about version 2.0.

  6. Hey Guys – It would be better if you used our email address for support rather than the comments:

    If you are having any problems, contact us.

    • Hi Chris,

      i already sent email to sales on 4th march but i still haven’t got any reply. I purchased book when it came out.

  7. Yea defintly – i got the v2 link :)

  8. Love the new design. It’s branded very well. I bet you guys are nearly brain fried with all the work that goes into all this. New themes, a redesign, more books… sheesh.

    Good job guys. I think I’ll buy the hard cover book. Looks like my cup of tea.

  9. Many thanks to you Chris and Jeff. Im reading the book and its pretty great covered upto 100 pages now. I will be taking most of the tips and make my current site awesome.

  10. I’d love to have the printed book. But $31 + Tax for shipping to Germany is far too much for me. Bummer!

  11. New site is really cool! also i’ve plan to buy this book in future..

  12. This is amazing stuff – I wasn’t expecting such a great update! Thanks a lot.

  13. Link received. Thanks. I just want to say that I think this is an excellent book. I actually used it quite a bit last night as I was updating my own wordpress blog’s theme.

  14. I don’t want to sound like one of the usual redesign-fearing luddites, but I liked the old design better. It stood out, while this one seems less unique.

  15. hi there!

    thank you for your book! it is really great stuff! i have a question to ask. should i decide to alter one of the themes of the bundle package and make it in my own language would it be easy to achieve? thanks!

  16. Hi, just bought the book. great stuff!
    on page 25 is a url thats not clickable (at least not for me)
    that you might want to know for the next version of the book.

  17. Victor Petryk

    Hi. Can you ship this print book to Ukraine?

  18. Daniel Groves

    If i’m honest, I preferred the old design, i just think that this one is little blue and boxy… almost feels old fashioned if you can have an old fashioned website that is!

  19. Design Informer

    Still contemplating whether to buy this now or to buy it once 3.0 comes out.

  20. Great design! It fits more with the book. By the way what are you using to replace the font on headings? SIFR? inside a plugin?

    Did not finish to read it yet but the book is definitively what i was looking for.

  21. Hi Chris,

    Playing with the new bundled themes, noticed that the search form action for the Lines and Boxes theme points to

    <form action="" id="searchform" method="get" role="search">

    Perhaps this should be changed? Otherwise, great work on v2 of the book and thanks for the new starter themes!

  22. Fajar Sylvana

    I know there’s a piracy for this e-book out there. But I admire your Tutorials, so I think I have to buy the original e-book. I know the price is a little bit expensive in my country, but it’s worth it. I hope this e-book will help me to mastering WordPress. Thanks

  23. Version 2.0 is here! If you have already purchased the book, you have already gotten an email with a link to download the 2.0 version of the book…

    great news but unfortunately i didn’t received an eMail with the link!

  24. Version 3.0 will be a big reason to pick up a copy. Do you have a general time estimate for when the book will cover 3.0?

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