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WordPress Defender: 30 Ways to Secure Your Website

WordPress Defender: 30 Ways to Secure Your Website

Looking for a good book on WordPress security? If so, we’ve got great news! John Hoff’s new security e-book WordPress Defender provides 30 practical ways to secure your website from the evil forces of spam, bad bots, and malicious hackers. The book is packed with practical, common-sense security techniques that virtually any WordPress user can use to protect their site from malicious threats.

The book begins with some general information and then immediately gets into explaining everything you need to know. Throughout the book, John covers everything from backing up and upgrading to blocking bad queries and hiding sensitive information. Along the way, you will learn many tricks and techniques for securing your WordPress-powered site, including htaccess code, WordPress plugins, and much more.

Here are some of the highlights of WordPress Defender:

  • Essential best practices
  • Kick-ass security plugins
  • Creating tripwires with htaccess
  • How to hide sensitive information
  • How to setup and connect with SSL

..and of course much more. WordPress Defender is WordPress security for the masses. Seriously, I think that just about everyone using WordPress will benefit from this book. Plus, John’s easy-going, laid-back writing style makes you feel right at home as he walks you through the many different ways of protecting your site. If you use WordPress and need to know more about how to protect your site against villains, you need to get WordPress Defender.

Special 50% discount on the e-book today through March 3rd!

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    The webiste doesn’t really inspire confidence

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