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DiW v3.0 Printed Books!

DiW v3.0 Printed Books!

We’re now accepting orders for printed copies of Digging Into WordPress version 3.0. The books currently are finishing up at the printers, and should be ready to ship within the next week or so. From what we’ve seen so far, the finished books are looking incredible. To give you a taste, here are a few shots of the newly printed books featuring the new dark/black cover and black coil binding:

Digging into WordPress version 3.0

The book looks and feels good – the durable coil binding lets the book stay open flat for easy reading, and the quality of the printing is excellent, with crisp text and vivid colors throughout the book. And the new black cover looks amazing on the glossy 80-lb card stock. Even with 430 pages of WordPress content, the book feels solid and durable. The copy in the photos above was used for proof-reading and has been flipped through by several people, but as you can see it still looks great.

Digging into WordPress version 3.0 (1 of 4)Digging into WordPress version 3.0 (2 of 4)Digging into WordPress version 3.0 (3 of 4)Digging into WordPress version 3.0 (4 of 4)

So here’s the deal: as with previous versions, we have a limited number of books to sell, and they may go quickly, so don’t delay if you want one. The books are priced at $70 + shipping/handling, which is around $10 within the US. This includes delivery confirmation.

YES we are shipping internationally! At least for now. Last time there were too many problems so we had to disable it. For now though, international shipping is available, but the shipping is quite a bit more expensive. International shipping includes tracking and possibly delivery confirmation.

What else? The printed book includes a FREE copy of the PDF, which includes our exclusive WordPress themes and free lifetime updates.

Sound good?

Get your copy!

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  1. Not sure how large each run is whenever you have the printers create more books. Hope I didnt miss the boat this time. For once, my freelance paycheck coincided with the opening for new sales of this book. *crosses fingers and hopes to see this in her California based mail box in the next 2 or 3 weeks*

  2. Too expensive for me though :( I’ll love to have the book, but for now I can only afford the PDF, so I guess I´ll wait :'(

  3. Would LOVE one of these but, I just can’t afford it :(

  4. Aw.. the black cover is shexy. :)

  5. Just ordered my copy!

    Missed out on the first run so had to get in on the action this time around. I can’t wait to get it : )

  6. I’ve just bought a copy. I can’t wait for it to arrive.

    Shipping to South Africa is almost as much as the book lol.

  7. Hard price to swallow, but this book is amazing…..

  8. Me too. I’ve been checking the tweets regularly waiting to jump on it once the publishing started. Paid $33 for shipping to Canada so I hope it’s coming UPS. Very much looking forward to it.

  9. 47$ shipping to israel ?! WTF ?!

    Don’t you think 117$ is too much for single book?

    • It’s $70 for the book. I’m fairly certain there isn’t much Chris and Jeff can do about the cost of shipping. Also, the pdf is available to buy.

      I haven’t read Digging into WordPress yet but I’m sure it will be great. I have learnt so much from both Chris and Jeff that I feel like buying the book is more of a donation with a perk than actually spending money on a product.

      So no, I don’t think it is too much for a single book.

      • uhhhh, actually, $70.00 is way too much for a single book. Go to B&N and see for yourself. I do, however, understand that a high price is what you have to do when self-publishing – there is no other way to cover your costs. Thus the limited printing run of this book.

        • You’re right, it is too much for a single book – however, what I was implying was: I don’t think it is too much for DigWP.

  10. Alexandre Giesbrecht

    One thing I’ve been wanting to say for a while: I couldn’t set it up on Lulu for printing, because of the landscape format. Lulu’s system always changed the PDF to adapt to 8.5×11, instead of 11×8.5. It doesn’t allow me to choose 11×8.5, just a new format (which doesn’t solve the problem).

    Does anyone have any idea on how to get over this?

    • We’ve been working on setting something like this up for some time now, but so far with no luck. It seems that the most affordable POD services such as Lulu and Blurb (which could print a 400 page b&w book for less than $20) are too limited in their available formatting options. Other places with more flexibility are quite a bit more expensive.

      It would be great to find a good solution for inexpensive, flexible b&w POD service.

    • Alexandre Giesbrecht

      Last weekend I sent them an e-mail asking if there’s a way to change the paper orientation (I don’t even mind having the coil binding on top of the pages). I got no reply…

      • I likewise sent one to Blurb but did get a reply. Only they said “no” – they only print books that fit into one of their predefined formats.

    • Alexandre Giesbrecht

      I don’t see the problem Lulu’s automated system sees with landscape PDFs. If I’m willing to put up with it, then OK, but the system insists in converting the landscape files to portrait. And what if I had a portrait book with a couple landscape pages? Would the system try to convert them, too? It keeps trying to “fix” a problem that doesn’t exist. (I keep telling here like it’s a problem with your book, which of course it’s not. :)

      I’ll keep waiting for an answer from them. Maybe it will be possible with some tweaking. If I hear from them I’ll let you know.

  11. Would have been interesting, but 115.50$ for Brazil is a bit too much.

  12. It looks fantastic!

  13. Great book – but Ouch! to the price + shipping to the UK. ($116.20). I already have the pdf, but love the idea of the book on my desk.

  14. Looks great guys — how exciting! I know the work involved in putting a book like this together from working on my own projects. Not only from the cost of printing but your time and the experience that you will be sharing! (Shipping is based on weight and location — that is out of your control to control.)

    It is *well* worth the price to have this level of expertise and information at your fingertips! My order is placed and you have my full support! Can’t wait to receive my copy!

  15. I bought the PDF of the previous version of the book. Is there an “upgrade” option, or would I have to buy this one afresh?

    • As much as we hate to say it, we’re not going to be able to give discounts on the printed books. Printing costs are high, and our margins are super-tight. We include a free copy of the PDF version as a bonus for those who want the printed book. Discounting the PDF price would leave us in the red for the transaction.

      • Actually, I just dug through my old emails and found this in the email that included the link for v. 2 of the book:

        You have purchased our book Digging Into WordPress. Part of that deal is that you get free updates for life! We have updated the book to v2.0, which brings a bunch of new material.

        So I guess my question is – did I miss the download link going out for my free v. 3 PDF? Or has this policy changed?

      • To be clear, I only ever bought and am only interested in the PDF, not the printed book (sexy as it looks!).

        • Ah, my bad – I thought you were asking about discounts for the printed version of the book, which we can’t do this time around (reiterating for the benefit of other readers).

          For the updates, nothing has changed – everyone who buys the book is entitled to free lifetime PDF updates. The thing we failed to make clear on this is that the lifetime subscription is “opt-in”, so a number of folks didn’t receive the latest upgrade email.

          All that to say this: if you purchased the book and haven’t received the new v3 download link, just email us your purchase name and email and we’ll send you a new link asap.

  16. Arg!! Even though I own the previous version of the book the sleek black temps me so!! I will start saving up for this book immediately!

    Great work again guys.

  17. Lynne Schlumpf

    Jeff and Chris:

    For my book: “The Little Website That Could,” I used Loved them. Created by Amazon. Used them for both my book and instructional DVDs for awhile. Book is now free on one of my blogs, but they were super easy to use and I really didn’t have to much selling. They did most of it through searches on Hope this helps.

  18. I was just wondering, how does the book look in the new kindle? Has anyone had the chance to test it? I’m thinking to buy a kindle to read books that are only available in pdf like this one and some others that i have…

  19. After buying the book, I was bummed to find out it is almost impossible to read using PDF Reader for the Iphone. I like to read at night, and because of the landscape format, it was too frustrating to jump from the left to the right to the left to the right. Wish it was in Kindle. Went to the Kindle store using my Iphone free Kindle app, and it is not available. Ah well…

  20. i already bought v2 of the cook, the blue ring one, is their a discount for the new one? also when will the v3 pdf be coming to our email?

    • Due to costs we can’t offer any discounts on the printed books, but version 3.0 is available for free upgrade for all customers. Send us an email if you haven’t received your upgrade email and we’ll send it asap.

  21. Stefano Petroni

    I want one printed but it’s really espensive to have one printed in europe…

  22. Is there a way to track the shipping of the print version? I ordered it two weeks ago. I cant wait anymore :P

    • Hey iende, we received the books from the printers on Friday the 15th (last week), and are working as quickly as possible to get all existing orders shipped out. You should be receiving an email once your book ships and is on the way.

      Please contact us via email for all future correspondence regarding book orders.

      Thanks! :)

  23. Alright! Thx for the answer :)

  24. Hey, just got mine in the mail today, looks great! Thanks guys!

  25. Still waiting for mine. Haven’t received an email that it has been shipped though. It WAS expensive, but for some tech things I like having the physical book by my side to write in and refer to, etc. Now if I had a kindle, maybe I would feel different…

    Just can’t wait for my print copy!!!


  26. Just received mine today after a two week wait.


    Awesome, awesome publication, well worth the money, wait, aggro and cost. Exceptional production values and far more accessible, easy on the eyes and comfortable than the pdf. Utterly worth its weight and it must weight 8-pounds.

    Thanks Jeff and Chris for making it available internationally. And for those balking at the price, don’t. It’s a resource treasure.

  27. Really would like to get the book in print format, $70 is fine but $47 shipping cost to India is way too much, are there any alterantives for shipping i dont mind getting the book after a month

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