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WP Typo Abound!

WP Typo Abound!

The month of November is National Novel Writing Month (or #NaNoWriMo). Joel Goodman is participating and thought that the WP Typo theme would be a good fit for it. Joel has expanded upon the theme by adding a settings page with various typography options, better integrated user registration, and some custom design tweaks.

Joel’s improved version of WP Typo is called “Modern Linguist” and is available on his site as a free download1.

WP Typo resources

There have been a few other things people have done for WP Typo, so I thought now would be a good opportunity to share them.

  • Grib has added i18n support (.mo files) and a Russian translation here2.
  • Jussi Linkola has released a Finish version here.
  • Mijk has released a patch for the theme that includes widgetization and the use of Cufon to show the font jGaramond. (Regular Garamond isn’t really one of the “web safe” fonts). That patch is available here3.
  • Hassan Derakhshandeh has released an RTL version here4.


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  • 2 Editor’s note: 404 link removed.
  • 3 Editor’s note: 404 link removed.
  • 4 Editor’s note: 404 link removed.
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