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Notification List for New Books

Notification List for New Books

Just a quick note: we’re currently updating the book to version 3.4, and will be ordering a fresh batch of printed books soon. In the meantime, we’re setting up a notification list for people who want to know when the new books are back in stock.

To get notified when the new Digging Into WordPress books are available, leave a comment on this post and we’ll send an email when the new v3.4 printed books are ready for purchase.


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  306. Kristin Rheineck

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  311. Thank you. Waiting time :)

  312. Hey there, you guys are the best! I would love the new version when it’s ready.

    P.S. the ShopTalk Podcast is awesome!

  313. glorianne garvin

    Can I prepay for the book so that I can have access to pdf now?

  314. Looking forward to it.

  315. Does this book teach Jedi?

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  317. UpUp !

  318. Waiting patiently…

  319. I’d appreciate a nod when it’s ready.

  320. Praveen Gowda I V


  321. Me, too!

  322. Hi Chris and Jeff – looking forward to hearing when the print book is available – don’t want to get the pdf alone – is there a way to signup and pay for the book now and so download the pdf before the book arrives?
    Thanks. Craig.

  323. Let me know when it’s available!

  324. Book me for one book. Let me know when it’s ready and I’ll be ready to check out! See ya..

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