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Super Summer Sale!

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This is an exclusive guest post by , posted on July 11th, 2011.

The summer months are upon us, and to celebrate we're having a Super Summer Sale for huge savings on both the PDF version and Print Editions of Digging into WordPress.

For the next 7 days, you can save $15 on the Printed books and $7 on the PDF/eBook. Just apply the following codes during checkout for instant savings:

  • Save $7 on the PDF/eBook: SuperSummerSalePDF
  • Save $15 on the Print Edition: SuperSummerSalePrint

Here's a little more about each of these awesome WordPress resources..

Digging into WordPress - PDF/eBook

[ Digging into WordPress - PDF/eBook ] The DiW PDF/eBook features 400+ pages of practical WordPress wisdom, presented in regular or widescreen format with clear, easy-to-read type and color-coded chapters. Includes hyperlinked URLs, copy-&-paste code snippets, and searchable content.

Included with each PDF/eBook:

  • Full access to our DigWP.com Members Area
  • All DiW Exclusive Themes (with free theme updates)
  • Free lifetime updates of all future versions of the book
  • Plus access to the Deluxe Widescreen Edition and all extras
  • Awesome customer support :)

Get the book!

Digging into WordPress - Print Edition

[ Digging into WordPress - Print Edition ] The DiW Print Edition features 400+ pages of practical WordPress wisdom, printed in full-color, wrapped with a thick, durable cover, and bound with spiral coils to let the book lay flat when open.

Included with each Print Edition:

  • A FREE copy of the DiW PDF/eBook
  • Full access to our DigWP.com Members Area
  • All DiW Exclusive Themes (with free theme updates)
  • Free lifetime updates of all future versions of the book
  • Plus access to the Deluxe Widescreen Edition and all extras
  • Awesome customer support :)

Get the book!

The Super Summer Sale sale goes from now until July 18th, so get a move on to save BIG on Digging into WordPress :)

20 Responses

  1. And how about book update for WP 3.2 ? ;>

    • Jeff Starr

      We looked at updating the book for 3.2, but there’s really not enough new stuff that’s relevant to the book to make it worthwhile/useful at this point. We will be updating again soon, and of course that’s where the free lifetime updates make it all good ;)

      • That’s enaught for me :) I’ve read about 3.1->3.2 after this post and You are right :) It will be … when it will be – no sense to hurry :)

  2. Hey Chris, Hey Jeff,

    i’m a long time fan of your writing (been to css-tricks a billion times) and I just bought your Digging into wordpress book (.PDF version) after hemming and hawing for a few days… then i come here today and see you’re offering a discount of $7!!!

    i feel so stupid… anything you can do to help a poor, aspiring dev. out!?

    thanks anyway for the great material,

    • Jeff Starr

      Just replied to your email :)

      • Mauricio July 12, 2011

        Hi, I also just bought the PDF version and now I see the discount code, please if you could do something.

        Btw awesome material, I’m reading it right now :)
        Thanks you.

  3. Keith W. July 12, 2011

    Hi Jeff and Chris,

    I just purchased the PRINT + PDF of your book and I’m excited to dig into it! But when I click on the link to download the PDF, I get an XML error. Tried in both Chrome and FF. Not sure if any more tries will void my download because of the 5 attempt limit… can you help?


  4. Ok, I’d love to buy a copy of the print edition – but shipping to my country is just way too cost prohibitive ($52!)
    Is there no way you can offer a cheaper option?
    I’m in New Zealand by the way.

    • Jeff Starr

      We know it sucks that international shipping is so expensive, but to combat fraud, the books need sent with tracking, insurance, and confirmation. Within the US we can do that for around $8, but outside the US it just gets ridiculously high. We certainly wish it were otherwise.

      That said, we are open to other shipping options provided they meet the three criteria mentioned above. As far as we know, USPS Priority is the least expensive way to ship internationally.

      Feel free to contact us anytime at https://perishablepress.com/contact/ to discuss options.

      • Thanks for the response Jeff, I’ve sent you guys an email, fingers crossed we can work something out…

  5. silentpro July 13, 2011

    Thanks Jeff & Chris!

    I’ve been wanting to buy this book for sometime now. Just picked up the PDF ver.

    Can’t wait to check it out!

  6. Gah.. just bought, without code.

  7. Says the coupon is good until the 18th -does that mean I missed it ? hmmm Not including the 18th?

  8. As per Shari, I spotted this only this afternoon (UK time) of 18 July. Big note on CSS-tricks would have been great!

  9. Jeff Starr

    Anyone who missed out on the sale can email us at https://perishablepress.com/contact/ until midnight tonight to buy either PDF or Print Edition at sale prices. After that, it’s really over ;)

  10. I always miss sales by a day!!

  11. Dustin Porchia July 20, 2011

    And I missed it by two! :-(

  12. Hey guys, I bought a previous PDF addition a while back. How do I get the updated version? I can’t seem to find an update option. Sorry if it’s right in front of me and I’m not finding it… It happens.

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