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DigWP Affiliate Program

DigWP Affiliate Program

Earlier this year, we had to close down our original affiliate program due to fraud and abuse. We hated to do it, and have been trying since that time to find a more secure way to make it happen. Thanks to all of the great tips, ideas, and feedback we received from our original affiliates, we decided to roll with ClickBank.

With the new DigWP Affiliate Program, you can earn a generous 50% commission of the net sale amount. This is the same percentage as before, but the net sale amount is a few dollars less than the retail price after ClickBank subtracts their fees.

The process of getting started as an affiliate is actually pretty simple:

  1. Register at ClickBank
  2. Lookup “Digging Into WordPress” in the ClickBank Marketplace
  3. Get your special affiliate link and place it on your site
  4. Earn 50% of all PDF sales made thru your affiliate link

We go through this process in more detail on our official Affiliates Page, where you’ll find everything you need to get setup and earning as a DigWP Affiliate.

10 responses

  1. Great to see that you found a solution. ClickBank is a great affiliate network, I’ve been using it for years.

  2. Excellent, let the commissions roll in!

  3. Excellent!

    I sold one or two under the previous program, was delighted to do so.

    But, I’m actually out of affiliate marketing at the moment, completely, due to the legal situation in California. I don’t really understand *exactly* what California is trying to do (except get more money of course), so, for now, nada mas.

    However… I do recommend everyone purchase this Digging Into WordPress! Two people in particular at WordCamp SF 2011 in fact. They both need it and I will be following up with them.

    • Wow that’s a trip – I hadn’t heard anything about CA messing with affiliate sales.. do you have any more info on that situation? Is it a permanent thing or just another lawsuit or something..?

  4. Hi Jeff

    Would u care to give a bit more info on ‘fraud and abuse’ from your former affiliate program ?


    • Sure, it was basically people signing up for affiliate accounts and then using stolen credit card numbers to cash in on the 50% affiliate commission.

      As you can imagine, people weren’t happy and PayPal almost closed us down.

      • Thanks a lot, Jeff.

        It sounded like it’s not the affiliate program’s fault, the problem is people who cheat ( am I correct ? ) If so, I wonder how this wouldn’t happen with your new affiliate program ?

        Are you saying that ClickBank has a better system to prevent this problem or something else that I’m not aware of ?

  5. The most important part of getting involved in affiliate marketing is to have a mentor. There is no need to go it alone and try to create everything for yourself, from scratch.

    Choosing the right person to follow is not always an easy thing. You must find someone who has a major reputation. Someone who will not do anything to ruin what they’ve built up already. There are too many minor players around that you cannot be sure that they will stay the distance and be there to help you tomorrow as well as today.

    Good luck with your efforts.

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