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Plugin Wishes Come True

Plugin Wishes Come True

Just a quick update to the post I wrote about plugins I’m too lazy to write. Steve Whiteley put together a plugin for Subtitles that is exactly how I envisioned it. For my wishes about avoiding widows in post titles, Shaun Inman had the solution years ago. (Shaun’s site is down for me right now, but I’m sure won’t be for long).

The one I was really hoping to see is the “plugin notes” (add a text field to each plugin on manage plugins page to add notes as to why it’s being used) idea, but no bites yet.

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  1. thanks you for this Plugin

  2. I like the SubHeading plugin very much, too. Unfortunately its has two small issues:

    • the values of the params $before and $after are displayed whether there is a subheading or not.
    • the subheading textfield is not included in the tabindex order. You have to position the cursor manually which interrupts the workflow.

    I’ve tried to send Steve two patches for fixing this issues. Unfortunately he hasn’t published a contact address so I sent a mail to postmaster(at) Hopefully he received the mail and integrates the patches.

    • Cool, maybe Steve will read this too and be able to fix it.

      • Haven’t tried the plugin, but from the looks of the code, get_the_subheading just echoes out the subheading. The default for the “display” param for that function should probably be set to false.

  3. Is there a wp hook that this could be attached to so you don’t have to alter template files? I’ll whip up a short screencast to show how to do it, but I can’t find a hook that appears after .entry-title.

    If anyone knows of a hook that would work well, let me know.

  4. Another issue that came to my mind is that the subheader is not shown in the feeds. Since there are no templates for feeds, it has to be done using a filter. I’ve written a German post about a similar problem. I will translate it tomorrow into English and assume the addition to the plugin author (if I ever can contact him).

  5. Hm, I might take a crack at plugin notes :)

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