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List of WordPress Developers & Designers (2019)

List of WordPress Developers & Designers (2019)

Years ago we posted a list of available WordPress Developers & Designers. Lots of great people and companies shared their information, but a lot has changed. So rather than try to contact everyone on the list and ask them to update their infos, here is a new post of current WordPress developers and designers. Read on for more details..

WordPress Help Wanted!

Looking for WordPress developers and designers? So are many people. Time is scarce these days, and we get quite a few folks asking about where to go for help with their WordPress site. Most of the WP peeps that we know are just as busy as we are, so it would be helpful to have a nice, healthy list of WordPress designers and developers all in one place that people could check out and find some good candidates. That's exactly the point of this quick DigWP post (and the following comments thread).

Looking for WordPress support? Something specific? Check out our post, Where to Get Help with WordPress, for some of the best resources for getting help.

Share your information

If you are a WordPress professional, available for hire, and would like to be included in our list of designers & developers, just leave a comment with a quick summary of how you can help clients with WordPress. Include as much or as little information as you would like, but please don’t get carried away with an entire resume or anything. Some essential things to include:

  • Name and/or business name
  • Contact information (phone, social media, whatever)
  • What you do, services provided, etc.
  • Relevant experience
  • Link to portfolio or company page

Why do this? Because it will be great to have a resource for our WordPress-hungry visitors to check out. We’ve got an amazing readership & audience here at, and plenty of traffic, so hopefully this DigWP List of WordPress Designers & Developers will reach many people and help everyone find exactly what/who they are looking for. It’s a win-win-win! :)

Note: all comments are moderated, please be patient. Also we reserve the right to remove any weird/sloppy/off-topic comments as necessary to help keep the thread focused, etc. Please share only WordPress-related services. And use basic markup as needed to make things look neat.

13 responses

  1. For example here is mine:

    WordPress veteran, 15 years experience. 22 years web-dev experience. Specialize in Security and Plugin development. Learn more and contact:

  2. Name and/or business name

    Contact information (phone, social media, whatever)

    What you do, services provided, etc.
    WP & SEO Mainly

    Relevant experience

    Link to portfolio or company page

  3. Specializing in WordPress maintenance and troubleshooting. 40+ years experience in software development, 15+ years in WordPress. Services include complete WordPress maintenance package (backups, updates and security monitoring). Go to for details.

  4. Experienced WP enthusiast for 15 years or so, I like complexity, bespoke plugins, hooking up API’s, bring big business logistics together, that sort of thing. Current client list includes local Government funded initiatives (UK)
    Contact via:

    twitters elliottrichmond
    Blog Elliott Richmond
    Website Square One Software

  5. Avoca are a small team specializing in creating WordPress sites for arts and education businesses and premium managed hosting and WordPress management.

  6. Crafting websites with WordPress since 2010

    Specializing in custom theme and plugin development.

    Social media @laxMariappan


    Code is poetry

  7. Danyel Perales

    WordPress designer and developer from 2009.

    Specialize in WPO and SEO website development. Learn more and contact:

  8. Iā€™m Lucian Florian, a Web Designer and WordPress Developer with a real zeal for building websites that generate results. I provide custom WordPress Development, SEO and UI/UX design for growing companies.

  9. I’m a freelance front-end web developer and graphic designer who’s been building custom WordPress themes since 2012.

    If you need a professional or stylish WordPress-powered website, I can help you with that. šŸ™‚

    For more info about me or to contact me, visit my personal website at

  10. WordPress developer for more than 6 years. Expert in creating themes and plugins.


  11. Shawn DeWolfe Consulting
    @sdcwebsites / 250-661-4834

    23 years of web development;
    8+ years of WordPress development.

    I build responsive websites by making the most of CSS, JQuery, Divi, Gravity Forms, Advanced Custom Fields, Facets and other winning WordPress tools.


    Performance Boosts
    Plugin Development
    WordPress support & Maintenance
    Drupal > WordPress migrations
    Drupal + WordPress integrations


  12. I’m a freelance website developer with a design background. I’m good at adding new features to existing sites.

    Some bullet points:
    * Over 10 years of WordPress specialism
    * Coding bespoke themes & plugins
    * Performance & optimisation consultation

    Go to or tweet @dan_farrow

  13. Sandlapper Creative, Inc.
    10+ years of custom WordPress theme building for both direct design + development clients as well as white label development work for agencies.

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