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This is an exclusive guest post by , posted on January 28th, 2013.

We've teamed up with Web Hosting Buzz to present you with a superb giveaway. WebHostingBuzz are providing the following great prizes: three lucky winners will pick up an entire year of FREE hosting that includes 750 GB Disk Space, 15,000 GB monthly Bandwidth, a free domain name and more.

Enter to Win!

To win one of the three prizes, leave a comment on this post with your #1 goal for 2013. We'll announce the winners next week. Good luck!

Giveaway Prizes

Each of the three lucky winners will receive a FREE one-year subscription to WebHostingBuzz's "Hosting Standard" package, which includes everything here:

  • 750 GB Disk space
  • 10,000 GB Bandwidth
  • Free Migration / Transfer
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 1 Free Domain
  • Unlimited Email & FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL DBs and Subdomains
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • CodeGuard.com Backups
  • CloudFlare CDN

Here is a screenshot showing the "Hosting Standard" package listed in the middle column. (Click the image for a closer look..)

WebHostingBuzz - Hosting Plans

About WebHostingBuzz

WebHostingBuzz offer a worthy web hosting service, combining excellent customer service with unrivalled international hosting services. Delivering fast and reliable web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers, WebHostingBuzz provide for everyone's needs and budgets.

42 Responses

  1. My first goal for 2013 is to improve the sustainability of my company!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. R.Engstrom January 28, 2013

    My first goal of the year is to have better host for my wife’s website.

  3. My first goal is to have a better host for my _own_ website (GoDaddy, God…)

  4. Orang Akaun January 28, 2013

    #1 goal for 2013 is to get 1M pageviews per month..

  5. # 1 goal for 2013 – let’s see – we just had 813 mm of rain in 4 days, the net is our only means of communicating with the outside world at the moment, so maybe swimming should be at the top of the list.
    Seriously though – family, job, & maintain & enhance our community website

  6. Glenn G. January 29, 2013

    My #1 goal for 2013 is to be a accomplished, published writer — either in the virtual world or in Planet Earth! :D

  7. John David Hunt January 29, 2013

    My #1 goal for 2013 is to graduate college and get a job in web-development. Cheers!

  8. My #1 goal for 2013 is to have an even better year professionally and personally than in 2012. And, just maybe, to publish a custom WordPress theme.

  9. Tobias Aberg January 29, 2013

    My goal is to finally start a business and earn some money so I can afford to learn more of the world wide web mysteries.

  10. Pochlopien January 29, 2013

    My #1 goal for 2013 is to publish WordPress theme. Yeah!

  11. Nabeel Molham January 29, 2013

    Hy goal is to teach 10 Egyptian web developers Professional WordPress development

    • Jennifer January 29, 2013

      Do you want to include an Indian (Thats me) in this list

  12. To find a better host for my wedding magazine

  13. To finish learning all the tricks to front end web development and start a web design business!

  14. My goal is to be more profitable by working less and earning more… so that I can tour with my band more often!

  15. My #1 goal for 2013 is to get through the master program that I just started at Creighton University at the age of 51.

  16. Sarbjit Singh January 29, 2013

    #1 goal for 2013 for me is to move my site to better host and boost up its ranking above 30k. Thanks for giveway.

  17. My #1 goal for 2013 is to complete my Bachelor degree.

  18. Jennifer January 29, 2013

    My #1 goal of year is to transform me as programmer and wordpress specialist (though I am already little bit of it )

  19. Shea Bunge January 30, 2013

    My goal this year is to finish paying off my new laptop and streamline my web development work: keeping all my plugins up-to-date with WordPress, posting frequently on my blog, and contributing more to WordPress Stack Exchange.

  20. My #1 goal this year is to gain comprehensive knowledge of Python and Java.

  21. #1 goal for 2013 : to save my house froms the bank(s)!

  22. My goal for 2013 is to double my revnue from my websites.

  23. Andrey Boitsov February 1, 2013

    Improve my catalog of apartments near the sea.

  24. Paul Legato February 1, 2013

    My goal for 2013 is to stop procrastinating, learn WordPress and start my first website/blog. I have ideas, however, I need the proverbial kick in the butt to get started.

  25. Sukhmeet Singh February 2, 2013

    My #1 goal for 2013 is to start up a very useful informative website related to Website Designing.

  26. My goal for the year is to volunteer more of my time helping out non-profits.

  27. David Barkoczi February 2, 2013

    My #1 goal for 2013, redesign my site.

  28. Ljubisa Djordjevic February 3, 2013

    Goal #1 for 2013 is to fill website field on comment form above.

    best regards!

  29. SHARON WILSON February 3, 2013

    My goal for 2013 is to have read “Digging Into WordPress”, apply what I’ve learned, get a great host for my websites that I intend to use as part of my marketing tool for my new busniesses. WebHostingBuzz is looking pretty good!

  30. piyashrija February 3, 2013

    My goal 2013 is to expresses my website development business…

  31. Kany Vic Perez February 4, 2013

    Accept Positivities and throw of negatives! thats my no.1 Goal!!!

  32. James Patrick Ricacho February 4, 2013

    My #1 Goal for 2013 is to widen my knowledge on all things that i think I’m still not good off.

  33. isvirido February 5, 2013

    My #1 goal for 2013 is transformation. This is a big and round goal.
    After I stated that it can be divided to different aspects of my life/interests: web development, my body/health, and probably my life perception.
    I think I shouldn’t dig dipper inside all details in my brain it can be boring for public.

    By the way thanks for asking. Definitely I got some clarification for myself.

  34. Eloisa Frances Ilagan February 5, 2013

    My goal #1 goal for 2013 is to finally have my own website, it’s my dream since highschool.

  35. My #1 goal for 2013 update my blog

  36. My #1 priority for this year is to inspire people by writing more :) Cheers for such an awesome giveaway!

  37. My #1 goal is to publish my website which I’ve been working on for a while, and to get deeper into php, which I’ve been too lazy to do for the last couple of years.

  38. #1 goal for 2013 is to learn more about responsive design :)

  39. My #1 goal for 2012 is to build a startup to pursue my dream and to throw away the current IT job.

    I thank Team DigWP & WenHostingBuzz for arranging this awesome giveaway

  40. #1 goal? Start up a wordpress blog and continue writing to become a full fledged comedian.

  41. Jeff Starr

    Contest now closed! We’ll announce the lucky winners tomorrow — Thank you to everyone for participating!

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