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It’s Here!

It’s Here!

Jeff and I launched this blog back in May of this year, after we decided we were going to self-publish the WordPress book we were working on. After weighing all the options, we decided going it on our own was best because we would have 100% control over everything. From the content of the book, to the layout and design, to the blog, sales site, everything. Today, it all comes together!

Digging Into WordPress book cover

Our book, Digging Into WordPress, is now for sale!


For the launch, we are offering a $5 discount for the first 10 days. Use coupon code DIWEARLY in the cart to get yours. The regular price of the PDF book is $27 and so the coupon brings it down to $22.

PDF Now, Print Later

This is a PDF version of the book for now. Print will be coming later. Anybody who buys the PDF now will get a a fair discount on the print version if you want to pick that up later. Both are going to be very cool. I love print, but the PDF is pretty ideal as all the links are active, you can search it easily, and you can copy and paste code!

A Lifetime Subscription

Buying the book now gives you a lifetime subscription to the book. We intend to keep the book updated and add new content as time goes on. This won’t become a stagnant old outdated book. When we release a new version, you’ll automatically get an email to download the new version.

Affiliate Program

If you like the book and want to help sell it, you can earn money doing so. For the PDF right now, we don’t have the substantial costs that are printing, handling, and shipping. So, we are offering 50% of all affiliate sales. Hey, you are doing the legwork, and we appreciate it. Learn more here.

Thank You

Thanks in advance to anybody who picks up a copy. It goes a long way toward helping both me and Jeff create all the other free content we love to share.

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  1. Adrian Diaconescu

    I’ve got my copy! Looking forward to dissecting it one of these days, see if I can learn something new. Good luck!

  2. Wow.. 400 pages about WordPress :) This must be the coolest book about WP!

    Congrats with launching!

  3. Chris,

    Same problem just happened to me with the downloaded pdf saying it is damaged. What can we do?

  4. I just purchased the PDF version of the book. When I use the download link provided, it downloads the PDF but Acrobat gives me this message: “There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.”

    • This is happening to about 10% of buyers. We have a fix for it, so if this happens to anybody else just EMAIL IN and we’ll take care of it for you.

      Unfortunately E-Junkie hasn’t been able to help us, and we don’t know what’s wrong.

      Jason, you should have a fresh download link in your email.

  5. Brilliant Book!

    Congrats on the launch, and here’s to many, many sales, and many,many satisfied customers :)

  6. When I click on the link in my email or on this page I get a forbidden message?

  7. Paypal seems to be borked. I can’t get to the checkout page! This is happening with or without discount code.

  8. Here’s what it’s telling me:

    “Sorry – your last action could not be completed

    “If you were making a purchase or sending money, we recommend that you check both your PayPal account and your email for a transaction confirmation after 30 minutes.

    “If you came to this page from another website, please return to that site (don’t use your browser’s Back button) and restart your activity.

    “If you came from PayPal’s website, click the PayPal logo in the upper-left corner to return to our home page and restart your activity. You might have to log in again.”

    Not sure what to do. I’d like to buy it right now, but I have to get on with my day.

    • Hi Dave, This definitely sounds like it’s coming from the PayPal side of the fence, something which we unfortunately have no control over. I would suggest contacting them at your earliest convenience. Please let us know if we can do anything specifically to help with your purchase.

  9. Richard of Norway

    I’m trying to buy it but it’s saying the URL is forbidden (403?) and I don’t have permission to view on this server.

  10. Hey guys,

    Just downloaded the book and started reading — definitely what I need: both in-depth and easy to understand (what I’ve come to expect, being a CSS-Tricks junkie!). I’ll certainly spread the word to my friends.

    Not sure if you’re looking for specific feedback, but there are a few typos on page 38 of the PDF: “exsists”, “privledges”, and “compromizes”. I’m certainly NOT trying to criticize here — just wanted to let you know in case it hadn’t come to your attention yet.

    Thanks again — I’ve been looking forward to this book since you announced it!

  11. Ok, got it in Firefox.

    Chrome users: if you get the above notice from Paypal, try it in Firefox.

  12. Awesome but I cant stand ebooks for some reason they hurt my eyes. I will wait for it to go to print but as soon as it does I will snatch a copy up. Been waiting a long time for this!

  13. Thanks Chris, this book is great. The “for Dummies” book is too basic, and the other books on theme development I’ve read get bogged down in tech-speak. Your book is breezy, and to the point. I couldn’t ask for more – this could even turn my wife into a WordPress Nerd.

    • Yeah, I’ve read parts of it already, skimmed big chunks of it.

      Frankly, I’m envious… in good way… it’s very close to what I would have liked to have written. I know that sounds pretty egotistical, but I do have a lot of the material already on my blog. While it’s a little personally deflating, I’m really encouraged by their choice of initial plugins, which is very close to what I recommend that ask me for plugin recommendations.

      And really, writing a book like this is a colossal amount of work. The attention to detail is incredible. $27 is a bargain.

      I have plans to promote this to my readers. Instead of just answering their questions, I can now tell them “Turn to page such and such of Digging into WordPress” then we’ll talk after you read that section.

      Jeff and Chris: if you aren’t getting enough sales at $27, consider raising the price. I would have bought at the $40 mark for sure, maybe higher.

  14. Joe @ IrrationalDad


    I think I know what I’m asking for this Christmas!!!

  15. It would be great if we could see a more detailed table of contents…also how about a few sample pages?

    • Definitely second the request for a TOC on the book selling page.

      I’m one of those… ‘don’t buy anything without looking under the hood first’ kinda gals.

      • Richard of Norway

        Chris has posted a sample PDF to download on his CSS-TRICKS site, which includes the entire TOC plus a sample chapter. It’s what convinced me to buy. A great book, although in my case only some of it is new information. Still well worth the price, imo. See this post for the sample PDF.

  16. Hello Chris,

    First congratulations for your new book! I just bought it using paypal but I got into some wierd problems. I used the pre-order discount code that I got from you and after updating the cart I got for the first time a curl timeout error message so I had to go back.

    After updating the cart successfully this time, I clicked on the paypal checkout button. I was able to login to paypal and make the payment, but…I never got any confirmation of the success of the payment process, only a curl timeout error message. After that I went back and made the payment again, with the same result, the curl timeout error. Then I checked out my E-mail and there they where, two payment confirmation mails from paypal, so I without wanting it I bought the book twice and didn’t even got the point where I got download link.

    Could you please refund me the second payment (19 $US) and send me the download link for the book?

    Thank you very much and greetings from Germany.


  17. Wow I didn’t expect 400 pages! printing it out now reading it later can’t wait great job guys!

  18. yay!

    A little bummed the order doesn’t include the hard copy. I’m old fashioned but like to have things on the shelves and thumb through them. A discount on the eventual hard copy for those of us who bought the PDF? Definitely like the PDF option and lifelong subscription, though.

    Thanks guys!

  19. >> Anybody who buys the PDF now will get a a fair discount on the print version

    ah, helps to read the fine print. thanks!!

  20. I’m very impressed at the quality of this book. Especially since you did not have the backing of a publisher. The graphics are great and the flow is good too. Now I just need to find the time to finish reading it.


    After read “cover to cover”, starting to apply the book’s concept, BUT already ‘smash the wall” … GODADDY Host do not allow you bring the index.php to the root instalation. Any ideas/suggestions? (already try to modify to WRITE the root folder, but it’s sending back the msg it’s not possible also)

  22. Just got my copy and started printing it (poor trees). I’m just wondering how the updates will be implemented. Will they be added as extra sections? Or will they be worked into the book and certain parts rewritten?

    But great job! Read chapter 3 and it looks good (I don’t know really know much about WordPress yet, only watched of a few of Chris’ screencasts) and it only came to £13 which is a bargain!

  23. Hi Chris and Jeff,

    Just bought your book (forgot about the coupon code D’oh!!) and I’m going to read it asap.. I would just like to say how much stuff I learned over the past couple of months on CSS-Tricks and this site, and what an awesome job you’ve done with writing this book.. I just got into building site with WordPress and this is exactly what I needed..


  24. Crap.. I lost my internet connection during the download (my brother playing Call of Duty and decided to reboot the modem. D’oh!! again!!) and no my download has failed.. Could you help me Chris, my paypal adress is the same as my adress here.. thanks!

  25. Ok I’m a on roll here.. Just checked my email and found out I could download it again from another link.. (triple D’oh!!). Sorry for the spam and my problem has been solved..

  26. The book in itself is great, thanks for that! I just would like to navigate it more easily. Since I am an avid PDF ebook reader I have grown to expect a full list of bookmarks reflecting the table of contents and the entire book’s table of contents and index to be linked to the actual contents so you can easily click around and don’t have to scroll multiple pages before you have found what you want. Please, could you provide these links and bookmarks in the next version of this ebook? … Thanks!

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you very much for providing the new 1.3 version of Digging into WordPress. It has all the goodies I requested above and more. Great service! The book is great as well and definitely worth every cent of its price.

  27. Haven’t read the book yet, but i have to say that Chris and Jeff practice fanatical support. They respond to you very quickly.

  28. When you mean updates to the book are you talking major updates or minor ones as well? I noticed that 1.2 is out and I have 1.1, no notice was given about a new update. Wanted to make sure.

    • I think the point releases will just be small updates where we’ll update the version that is what all new buyers get. Then when the version changes we’ll sent it out to everyone. I’m thinking we’ll shoot out a v2.0 maybe later this week with all the changes made so far.

  29. James Kockelbergh

    Hi Chris,

    I am a big user of you site, I am a designer like yourself but I specialize in books basically. Your sites have enabled me to start building the odd web page. I was waiting for the book and I considered using the discount vaucher but did not, I think your work should be rewarded in the full. Thanks and keep up the great work that you are doing.

  30. Hey, this looks like what I’ve been looking for… but any chance you could post the ToC to give us a better overview of what the book covers?

  31. You should put the progress of the plan at the end:


    1. Buy Book – Done!
    2. Read Book – Done!
    3. Profit! – Great!
  32. Hi Guys

    If I purchase a print of the book, does that entitle me to a PDF copy?


    • Dont worry.. I’ll answer myself!

      I bought the book anyway and upon confirmation of the online sale, there is a download link to the PDF :)

      Happy days.

  33. Alright, men. I bought your book b/c it was a) 400 pages, b) had a pretty blue cover. (I’m such a girl) and c) after dowloading the demo, was very impressed at the design of the book.

    Unfortunately I was 1 day too late to use the coupon – curses!

    Looking forward to reading it and congrats on getting the book published.

  34. when will the print version be available for purchasing? i want to buy this for myself for christmas. =)

  35. i follow csstrick’s rss and when i red that print version is available i thought “let’s give pdf version a try..” men, you worked so hard :) reeeeally gooood stuff :) and funny too!!

  36. Just came across this. Any chance you will have another discount code available?

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