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Find Typos? Other Mistakes?

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Going the self publishing route with our book meant that we didn't have a big fancy book editor going over our text. We of course strive to be the best writers we can be, but we are clearly better WordPress wranglers than we are wordsmiths. If you find any typos or any other kind of mistake in the book, you can submit them here in our new Errata section. We'll be incorporating all fixes into subsequent releases of the book (which as book buyers, you get for free!). Much appreciated!

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  • Updated: Oct 29th, 2010

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  1. Cant wait till this comes out in print!

  2. Where can we get the v1.2 Chris? isn’t out yet?

    • Chris Coyier

      the point releases are just for minor updates and won’t be emailed to everyone enmasse. Version releases will be. If you really want a point release version, just email in and I’ll send them out one by one.

  3. John Wright November 13, 2009

    Page 69, last paragraph, first sentence has a double “nothing”.
    P.S. I am a huge fan and you have made a WPlover out of me.

  4. Will there be a forum for people to discuss what they’ve learnt from the book? Already ran into some trouble..at 2.1.2

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