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Daily archives: Monday, April 4, 2011

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DigWP Book Winner!

Congratulations to Helen Hou-Sandi for winning a free printed copy of Digging into WordPress. Here's what she likes most about the WP 3.1 update:

Love the admin bar – makes managing one of thousands of pages/posts on a multisite install a breeze. With some custom adding and subtracting of items and things like the Snack Bar, almost everything I need to do while logged in is one click away.

You can read what other people are saying about WordPress 3.1 in the comments of the announcement post. Again, congrats to Helen for winning – your new book is on the way!

Poll: Love or Hate the WordPress Admin Bar

Poll: Love or Hate the WordPress Admin Bar

As most WordPress users now are aware, WordPress 3.1 includes the new Admin Bar (later renamed to the Toolbar). It's enabled by default for users of all roles and capabilities, and it provides some quick links to key Admin pages. Overall it seems useful, but there have been some strong opinions on both sides of the fence. So let's get a better idea of what people think and put it to a vote:

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