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Monthly archives: December 2010

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Custom Login / Register / Password Code

Custom Login / Register / Password Code

In this DigWP post, we transform three slices of code into a clean & stylish tabbed menu that visitors can use to login, register, and recover passwords from anywhere on your site.

There are too many features and details to explain up front, so take a moment to check out the working demo to see the finished product.

Custom Message After the Comments

Custom Message After the Comments

Have you ever wanted to close a comment thread, but leave a note to communicate why the thread is closed? Many blogs will just update the content of the blog post to say that comments are closed and why. That's better than nothing, but that puts the message in a bit of an awkward place.

The ideal place for that custom messaging is after the comment thread, where the comment form would normally be. After all, that's where it makes the most sense.

WP Candy iPhone App

I think WP Candy is really killing it lately being a great source of breaking quality WordPress news, interviews, and other articles. Now they have an iPhone app they developed in-house to bring all the content to you that way. They are rolling it out "reverse" style, where for two weeks it's $5.99 then later it drops to $0.99, so it's an opportunity for the community to opt-in to paying more to support the site, which is neat, especially considering their crazy no advertising policy.

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