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Daily archives: Thursday, November 18, 2010

Archive page 1 of 1 Course: Creating Custom Themes

I created a course for which is an 4.5 hour, in-depth step-by-step tutorial course on creating a WordPress theme from start to finish. We start from nothing and consider our clients needs and CMS capabilities, then to go Photoshop, then to HTML/CSS, then to a WordPress theme. We go a bit further talking about topics like custom fields, JavaScript, and plugins. There is a lot here! subscriptions start at $25/month with no long-term commitment.

ALL AJAX Theme Update

ALL AJAX Theme Update

One of the themes that is an exclusive download to all you good-looking people that purchased The Book is the All AJAX theme. The idea behind it is that the page never1 reloads. Whenever an "internal" link is clicked, the main content area replaces itself with content that is fetched via Ajax. So posts, pages, search results, and everything else loads right there on the same page. This gives your visitors a smooth, "app-like" experience.

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