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Daily archives: Monday, June 28, 2010

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Shortcode for Includes

Shortcode for Includes

One thing that WordPress doesn't have the ability to do "out-of-the-box" is do includes, in the sense of including the content of one post into the content of another post directly in the post editor. For the umpteenth time around here, shortcodes to the rescue!

This issue came up while my co-worker Tim at Wufoo was documenting parts of the latest Wufoo API. Some of the API pages have areas on them that are exactly the same as other pages. For example, we were finding entire chunks of navigation that were linking to alternate pages of documentation.

WordPress Podcast: Digging into CSS Trickery & WordPress

I was on the WordPress Podcast with Joost De Valk talking about a whole bunch of things including WordPress 3.0 which was freshly out.

Editor's note: 404 link removed.

Moving a WordPress Site

I did a screencast where I took a site that was working on localhost and moved it up to a live domain name. This involved moving the files, moving the database, and altering some information in the database. This is a good thing to know how to do if you are just getting into WordPress development. It is also just as relevant in moving a WordPress site from one domain to a different domain.

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