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Daily archives: Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Nice Way to Encourage Plugin Upgrading

Nice Way to Encourage Plugin Upgrading

A while back we talked about upgrading plugins. Specifically the All-in-One SEO pack and the controversy surrounding how it turns it self off after (some) updates. This is what that plugin looks like when it needs an updating:

.net Mag, The web pro’s guide to WordPress

I just got my hands on issue #199 of .net Mag. I did an article for it on WordPress, and it's on the cover!

Photo of .net magazine

They did use the wrong W for the cover, but I'm sure they got enough flack for it they won't mess that up again =). This is probably practically an old issue for UK folks, but big bookstores in the U.S. I find do tend to stock this magazine (Sold as "Practical Web Design" in the U.S.) but always a few issues old, so I bet you could find it around about now.

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